Ms. Kanchan Goel

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Ms. Kanchan Goel

Kanchan Goel is a dedicated professional in the field of psychology, boasting an impressive array of qualifications and expertise. With certifications as a Choice and Reality therapist and faculty affiliation with William Glasser International (USA), her knowledge is both well-rounded and globally recognized. Holding a Master’s degree in Psychology, coupled with an MBA, her educational background reflects her commitment to a holistic approach to understanding human behavior.

Kanchan’s pursuit of knowledge extends further with a diploma in advanced counseling and a specialized interest in somatic work. This passion led her to complete a course in Integral Somatic Psychology, a testament to her drive for continuous learning. Her primary strength lies in deciphering human behavior, a skill that has been fortified by her diverse experiences.

Kanchan’s philosophy centers around personal transformation, emphasizing the importance of initiating change through one’s behavior, attitude, and thoughts – a concept she adeptly refers to as BAT. As an enthusiastic counseling psychologist, she deftly steers individuals toward growth, utilizing the wealth of knowledge she has accumulated over the years.

Her commitment to community development is evident in her partnerships with various niche NGOs, where she collaborates to bring about positive societal change. Her skill set includes a refined sense of social perceptiveness, effective interpersonal communication, active listening, cultural sensitivity, and organizational prowess. Furthermore, Kanchan values inclusivity, open-mindedness, and adept time management, which collectively make her a valued asset in the growth and well-being of home professionals, working individuals, students, parents, and community workers alike.

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