Integrated Education

Is your child:

Intelligent and yet unable to complete school work

Making silly mistakes and confusing letters “ b”, “d”, “p”, “9”

On the run or very dull and lethargic

Losing things in school

He/She most likely needs Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists help people across the lifespan to participate in the activities they want and need to do. Occupational Therapy (OT) is a skilled treatment aimed at helping clients achieve independence in all aspects of life. Depending on the nature of the difficulty the child faces, OT helps to improve :

  • Developmental milestones and activity level
  • Muscle tone, balance and coordination
  • Fine motor skills, handwriting, visual perceptual skills, auditory processing skills, motor planning skills

How Occupational Therapy Works?

We take in information through our senses. If these are not working in sync or are receiving information incorrectly, the intelligent brain misinterprets the information received. Sensory Integration Treatment enhances the optimal processing of information so that the child is able to respond appropriately to the variety of information that they receive.

Perceptual Enrichment programme focuses on activities of visual and auditory processing required for reading, writing, copying from the blackboard, and following instructions

Occupational Therapy can be done individually or in small groups depending on the requirement of the child.

Neuro - developmental therapy works on tone, muscle strength, balance, gait, gross motor and fine motor functions.

The Occupational Therapists also screen Kindergarten students from various mainstream schools, so that students who have even mild difficulties can receive timely intervention in order to succeed in academics as they continue on in school.

Parents are given tips and suggestions on how to work with their child.

  • Special Needs
  • Teacher Training and Development

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