Ms. Shalu Mehrotra

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Ms. Shalu Mehrotra

Shalu joined Prafulta in June 2001 as a psychotherapist. She has a Masters in Applied Psychology from the Delhi University, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai, and has completed International Certification in Anthroposophic Psychotherapy. She is trained with workshops in Dance, Art, Somatic, TA and various other therapies.

Shalu has been working as a Psychotherapist since 1996. Life throws up varied challenges. As an adult, one could face issues in relationships, parenting, realizing one’s potential, anxiety, feeling low. As a teenager one could face confidence issues, peer pressure. Similarly different life stages throw up varied challenges. It is the PERSON who handles these challenges. Some of us faced difficulties in childhood which form our backdrop to see current circumstances. Some of us may not have difficult situations, yet the challenge is to rise to new areas of functioning. Shalu uses a range of therapies to enable most favourable functioning and help people evolve as persons.

Shalu is the Coordinator of ‘The Don Bosco Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology’. She also coordinates the work of the Career Guidance team at Prafulta. Her passion is to take mental health to the masses. In that spirit, she conducts programmes for teachers, parents and counsellors on emotional health issues and coordinates the outreach programmes of Prafulta

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