Career Guidance

A big portion of our day goes into the vocation we choose. What is the quality of those hours we spend? Are we wanting to be there doing what we are doing? Are we able to do it well? Is it meeting the needs of our life? Does it make us happy or leave us stressed at the end of the day?

Prafulta’s Career Guidance experts can help you choose the best Career/Vocation fit for you, right from Class 8 to Adulthood.

Career Guidance in Grades 8th and 9th is very significant as the mushrooming of several new careers has made it difficult for youngsters to make an informed choice and for parents to guide their children.

Career Guidance for Grades 10th-12th enables youngsters to make suitable educational and career choices and find their place in life.

Career Guidance helps students and adults make appropriate choices for their Career/Vocation/Profession.

Each one of us spends 8 to 10 hours of a day in our work. So why not choose a career which is in sync with our abilities and also keeps us excited and happy!

Career Consultation:

A consultation session with Career Guidance Counsellors helps students & adults to clarify career-related issues and helps in making educational & career choices. It also offers help in changing fields.

Career Guidance Testing (Online and Offline):

• 1 Day Testing – INR 2050/-

• 2 Day Testing – INR 2750/-

• EDCG Workshops for Schools: To conduct Emotional Development and Career Guidance Workshops and Career Guidance Testing for Schools reach out to us.

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