Dr. Swarali Kondwilkar

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Dr. Swarali Kondwilkar

Dr. Swarali is a purpose driven Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, attempting to make a difference where it is needed the most. She believes in a Client-centered, reflective approach and an evidence-based practice preferably with monotherapy, need-based polypharmacy, and emphasis on therapeutic alliance and behavioural interventions. Her inclinations are towards treating Severe and Common mental disorder across all age and socio-cultural-economic groups with adequate pharmacotherapy and required psychological interventions.

Dr. Swarali has received her Psychiatry training from the prestigious Institute of National Importance, NIMHANS, Bangalore. Her personal inclinations are towards creating awareness about mental illness and aid in reducing the sufferings caused by Mental illness for the patients and their families.

She is also passionate about building new perspectives and upgrading herself with newer advances, tried and tested methods of her Seniors, Peers, Mentors and Supervisors. She has keen interests in Scientific as well as Creative writing. She is passionate about trying to make a difference with every skill she learns and every step she takes.

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