Ms. Ratandeep Chawla

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Ms. Ratandeep Chawla

Ratandeep Chawla joined Prafulta in March 2018 for the promotion of work done by Prafulta and to reach out to the community in large for promoting mental wellbeing. She has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Mumbai University, a Post-graduate Diploma in Counseling from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and a Post graduate Advance Diploma in Counselling Psychology from Don Bosco Prafulta. She is currently also pursuing her Master’s in Counseling Psychology.

She has been involved in training health-care professionals in counseling skills and techniques for tobacco de-addiction. She is also working closely with patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis helping them in adaptation.

At Prafulta she advocates the importance of Mental Health to schools, corporates and to the community. She is responsible for the promotion of Prafulta’s workshops and training programs. She is also involved in conducting Life skills and addiction awareness workshops for students and workshops in Effective Parenting.

Her expertise lies in the area of de-addiction and rehabilitation counseling.

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