With the purpose to create and hold spaces that are both inclusive and accessible even for those who live on the margins, Prafulta reaches out to the community at Subhash Nagar through its various outreach programmes.

Our counsellors facilitate group sessions with the women and adolescent girls every week. These sessions aim to provide a safe space for the participants to –

• Express themselves

• Identify personal strengths

• Learn healthy ways to manage emotions and distress

• Develop life skills and self-care tools

• Build healthy and supportive relationships

Different modalities such as art, movement, games, activities, discussions, etc. are used in the sessions to make it relevant and engaging for the participants. The counsellors also psycho- educate the group on various mental health and child developmental issues and provide need based counselling for the participants whenever required.

In an endeavour to reach out to a wider demographic, we also organize large community events focused on various topics such as managing stressful emotions for children, career guidance for adolescents, awareness on substance misuse, understanding child development and emotional wellbeing of children, conscious parenting, etc.

Other Outreach Initiatives