Rural Mental Health Camp- Aghaai

In collaboration with The Banyan - a Chennai based NGO, Prafulta provides psychiatric and counselling support at a Mental Health Camp in Aghai, a village in Shahapur, Thane. Organised every week, this camp is visited by people from near-by villages who come in need of psychiatric medication, which is provided to them free of cost by The Banyan.

The participants present a wide range of mental health concerns such as – epilepsy, intellectual disability, alcoholism, behavioural challenges like aggressiveness, hyperactivity, self-harm and harm to others etc. along with other severe mental health disorders. The camp see people across age groups, right from children to seniors who are often brought by their care providers.

The psychiatrists and counsellors work in close collaboration which each other to prescribe medication after thorough mental status examination, provide need based counselling on the spot for patients and care-providers and conduct short therapeutic group activities whenever possible. These interventions are aimed at disseminating information, psycho-educating the villagers on various mental health challenges and enabling them with simple strength-based tools to cope with distress.

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