Revathi Srinivasan

Revathi Srinivasan, (48years) has Msc (Counselling Psychology) & Advanced Diploma in Counselling from Prafulta.

She has over 6 years of work experience in Counselling along with Career Guidance Certification and Life Skills Training in Schools and Colleges in Mumbai and her last assignment with New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Empathy is her nature and she is passionate about helping people. She believes that each of us have a great gift of inner strength, which is sometimes lying dormant. It just takes a trained hand to bring out the dormant strength.

In the last 6 years of her association with Prafulta, the one thing that comes across in training and practice is to be aware of oneself and be conscious about other people in our environment.

She follows the client centered or the person-centered therapy approach largely and wants all of her clients to know that she regards them on the basis of their individuality as the focus is on the individual and that they are not to view themselves as patients or as a diagnosis. According to the need or the situation, she also uses the CBT/REBT modes of therapy.

She believes that in order for any therapy to work, no matter the style of the therapist, the client cannot feel they are being judged. Therefore, it is not the job of a therapist to form judgements or even opinions outside the realm of professionalism. That is the part which makes this approach effective. With me there is a confidential and non-threatening therapy environment to talk. She has handled issues of Parenting, Relationship, coping with life changes, Stress, Anxiety, Self Esteem, Depression. She also believes in the pursuit of awareness, connection, discovering oneself.

She is fluent in English, HIndi, Tamil and Kannada.

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