Ratandeep Chawla

Ratandeep is a Consultant Psychologist with Prafulta & other NGO’s. With a Post graduate Diploma in Counselling from TISS and an Advanced Diploma in Counselling from Prafulta (Don Bosco), she brings with her 6 years of experience as a counselling skills trainer for Health Care Professionals in the area of Tobacco Cessation & Addiction Awareness.

Ratandeep deals with a variety of conditions such as depression, anxiety, managing stress, tobacco, social media and other behavioral addictions. She has also worked closely with patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis helping them in accepting and adapting to their changing life.

With a strong belief in mental wellness Ratandeep, works proactively to support people and organizations in empowering a shift towards a positive and healthy mind. She is passionate in bringing healing and relief for her clients, who include teenagers, adults and families, from stressful and traumatic situations and assist them to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships, so they can believe themselves to be as whole and complete.

She frequently conducts workshops in school, colleges and among health care providers.

Ratandeep is an extrovert and cares for her plants and spends her leisure experimenting with cooking. She speaks fluent English, Hindi & understands Marathi & Punjabi.

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