Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP - 2024-2025)

Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP - 2024-2025)

ISP is a comprehensive approach to treating symptoms of stress, trauma, emotion, and relationship with greater efficiency based on inter-disciplinary knowledge of the different layers of the nervous system, the body in ordinary and extra-ordinary human experiences of different kinds and the mechanisms for self-regulation and interactive regulation with the environment in the different layers of the nervous system. The Training is done by Dr. Raja Selvam Ph.D. who is a senior Somatic Experiencing (SE) trainer and a faculty member at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, USA., and Ms. Mimansa Popat, Senior Psychotherapist. This training program is in three modules of four days each. This training is based on international standards, with demos and practice sessions in dyads and triads, supervised by experienced Somatic Experiencing Practitioners.

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Training Fee’s Breakup:

Module 1 & 2 each Fees: INR 28,000/-

GST 18% : INR 5,040/-

Total: INR 33,040/-

Personal Sessions: INR 2,200/-

Group Case Consultations: INR 1,500/-

Individual Case Consultation with faculty: INR 3000/-

Module 3 Fees: INR 29,900/-

GST 18% : INR 5,382/-

Total: INR 35,282/-

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