Certificate Course in Mental Health Intervention in School


Certificate Course in Mental Health Intervention in School


This practical training will include skills to develop Perception and Learning , Remedial Education as well as Counselling thus giving an holistic approach for participants to manage the mental health of a child in mainstream school.

It will cover:

• The Basis of Academic Issues

• Understanding and developing Sensory Integration and Perceptual Skills in Children

• Designing Intervention Plans (IEPs} to enhance the 3Rs (Reading Writing and Arithmetic) and Executive Functioning Skills and learning Remedial Education

• Basic and Advanced Skills in Counselling to develop a safe environment for students to share their world views that are limiting the expression of their inner turmoil and full potential

• Orientation and Application of New Age Therapies to develop Emotional Health in students.

APPROACH: Case Studies, Practical lessons, Activity based workshops and Mock sessions

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