Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

Choice Theory offers an explanation of how and why people behave the way they do. Understanding the purpose of behaviour enables participants to develop insights into helping people gain more effective control of their lives. Reality Therapy is a communication model committed to empowering people to make successful and effective choices based on evaluation, responsibility and planning. This workshop is based on a proven theory (William Glasser), that our behaviour is our best attempt to control ourselves, so that we can control the world we live in. It is an approach that has been effective in Education, Parenting, Leadership and Management or in any situation where people need to learn how to satisfy their needs in responsible ways.


Module 1 (Basic Intensive) - INR 12000/-

Module 2 (Advanced Intensive) - INR 12000/-

Practicum (Basic + Advanced) - INR 8000/-

GST (18%) - INR 5760/-

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