KKKG - A Mental Health Mela

KKKG - A Mental Health Mela Image

KKKG - A Mental Health Mela

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham - Mental Health Mela

Prafulta started its journey way back in 1998 and is now celebrating its 25 years of providing mental health services. The annual event ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ (KKKG) – a Celebration of Feelings was celebrated in a very special and larger scale as a Mental Health Mela on 22nd Jan 2023, from 3pm to 9pm, at Dominic Savio grounds, Andheri East.

KKKG is one of the mental health initiatives that is organize every year. Where children in schools and neighborhoods are reached out, who do not have much access to mental health facilities. Children are taught in a fun manner how to handle difficult emotions like anger, sadness, jealousy, nervousness, etc. While children are learning, adults too have a session on parenting. The idea is to de-stigmatize mental health, associate it with activities of daily life and adopt healthy ways of living.

At the Mela, there were stalls for Art, Dance, Pottery, Games, Sports, Story Telling, Mirror Affirmations, Graffiti, Career Guidance, Parenting and also a Photobooth Corner. All these activities are related and connected to mental health. Each stall had a counselor to explain how the activities of the stall can enhance their mental wellbeing. The stall also had visuals to explain the benefits and connection to mental health. Over fifty professional counsellors, psychiatrists, Special Educators and Occupational Therapists came together to create these fun-filled activities for children and their parents. There was a large group of psychology student volunteers from St. Xavier’s and Nanavati Colleges along with a team from L&T Energy

Hydrocarbon assisting us at this event. L&T Energy Hydrocarbon LTEH is supporting this event as their CSR initiative.

The mela began with a prayer song by the primary students of Dominic Savio School, followed by felicitation of the chief guest Fr. & Mr. from LTEH.

There were 5200 students and parents who took part in this event. The place was all lit-up and decorated to create a festive environment. There were clowns moving around entertaining everyone. The Pottery and Games stall saw very high queues and people patiently waited for their turn. People were invited to dance away their blues. There were guest speakers to address career related topics. The food stalls offered delicious delicacies. The entry to the Mela and all activities that are organised was free of cost, only food had to be purchased though, at very affordable rates.

Many of them, discovered how to calm their physiology, silence their mind and focus on the task correctly. Poonam, a morher of a 8th student from Micheal school said “My daughter and me are loving every minute of the evening and are very thankful for getting an opportunity to experience a Mela of a different kind”.

When a student was asked about his creation at the art stall said that i will gift it to my mother as it is her birthday the next day". There were students and teachers from various schools and they too found the mela to be innovative and meeting the need of the hour.

The stage performances of story telling, collective dancing added further color and happiness to the already vibrant evening. Along with fun, people were also encouraged to approach professionals who could help them deal with difficult situations and thereby live more fruitful and abundant lives.

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