Client Testimonials

‘My academic background has been a Masters in English Literature and by profession, I am a journalist. Understanding the human condition and the motivation of thinking beings is an integral part of both literature and journalism. I joined the ADCP because I felt that with its hands-on approach and its practical syllabus, I would come closer to understanding the thought and feeling processes in people which in turn would enable me to be a better journalist. I found instead that I came closer to knowing who I am – and that in turn changed the way I approached and interacted with those around me. The more I understood myself, the better a counsellor (and team leader, friend, sister etc) I became. I found the ADCP by chance and the ADCP helped me find me!’

John Doe

The advance diploma in counselling happened to me in the middle of an established counselling career. I usually like to attend various courses to enhance my skills knowledge and also take me back to basics which I may have taken for granted over a period of time underestimating its importance. This course I recomend for any individual who believes s/he is human, alive and wanting to feel powerful about their life experiences. This course has not only taught me that what I feel about any situation in life is a choice I make but I also learnt the importance of experiencing various emotions not only thinking them but feeling them. In my professional life I have learnt that the only thing that stops me in my therapies is me. This course has taught me techniques to introspect and keep a check on the emotional baggage I carry on my back. My life has become less stressful and work more enjoyable.

Pallavi Bhurkay