Ms. Divya Nair

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Ms. Divya Nair

Divya Nair, Joined Prafulta in 2010 as a Clinical Psychologist. She has completed her MA (Applied Psychology - Clinical) from the University of Mumbai. Additionally, she has also done her training in Neuropsychological Testing from KEM Hospital.

Divya is trained in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychological Assessments. She is proficient in assessment of patient needs, abilities, personality and behaviour using methods including psychological tests, interviews and direct observation. She works with both paediatric, adolescent and adult populations. She is a versatile speaker and often conducts seminars, talks and lectures on various mental health topics like Anxiety and Stress, Depression and Suicide Prevention, Learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism, and maintaining Positive Mental Health in schools and work organizations.

Divya is extremely passionate about her field and her goal is to work towards de-stigmatization and improving mental health awareness in society.

Her expertise lies in the area of Clinical Psychology.

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