Workshops: Teachers, Parents, Students


The professionals at Prafulta Psychological Services deal with issues and common concerns of school and college students as well as young adults. Our team of counselors and special educators helps students deal with stress and emotional issues related to personal and academic problems.


  • Handling Peer Pressure
  • Duration – 2 ½ hours
    Target Audience – Std. VII onwards

    Adolescence is a period of exploration and risk taking. This workshop will focus on evaluating one’s risk-taking patterns, recognizing negative peer pressure and handling it effectively. Various skills like assertiveness, decision-making and refusal skills will be focused upon, enabling the youngster to make more responsible, constructive choices.

  • Understanding Adolescence
  • Duration – 2 ½ hours
    Target Audience – Std. VII onwards

    Adolescence is a period of numerous physical, psycho-social, cognitive changes. This informative workshop will discuss these changes, address issues like identity formation, sexuality and intimacy, and how they affect the psychological development of youngsters.

  • Handling Difficult Emotions (like Anger, jealousy etc)
  • Duration – 2 ½ hours
    Target Audience – Std V onwards

    Adolescence is a period of stress and turmoil for many youngsters. Handling emotions like anger and aggression in a constructive manner is crucial to forming close relationships with family and friends. This workshop will focus on issues like owning responsibility for your anger; using strategies like coping, self-talk, relaxation and visualization, and handling aggressive criticism.

  • ‘ZENITH’ – Motivation & Careers Ahead (Class VIII & above)
  • Maximum no of participants: 120
    Helps students with:

    Goal Setting and coping with road blocks in achieving them. – 1 ½ hour
    Making educational and career choices and informing them about the streams of education and career options available. – 1 ½ hour

    This is an interactive workshop with power point presentations, movie clips and several activities. The programme can be tailored to the needs of the school.

  • Sensory Integration –
  • This workshop develops body awareness, enhances automatic balance, reduces hyperactivity and improves attention.

  • Study Skills for Learning —
  • This workshop will teach Study Strategies for creative writing and Mind Mapping skills for learning large textual content especially in secondary school.

  • The Fully Alive Experience –
  • A two day workshop for teenagers is an activity filled journey in which teenagers are guided to experience and celebrate their true selves and the beauty in relationships,learn to build bridges not walls. They explore and assess their values and goals and bring meaning to their lives and the world around.

  • ‘Strides’ –Life Skill workshops –
  • An interactive programme of 1-1/2 hours for each module for Class VIII and above to help them on issues like handling their time/stress, study skills, peer pressure etc to help them take right ‘Strides’ to reach their ‘Zenith’.