Student workshop ( 2 hours duration each)

Transition To College

Moving on from high school to college can be a testing, challenging time for young people. This workshop is designed to expose students to some of the challenges that go along with being a college student, as they discuss scenarios with peers and a facilitator. Some topics include: making friends, dealing with peer pressures, balancing increased freedom with responsibility, importance of understanding one’s values and beliefs, academic concerns, if any.

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship

What is love? This workshop will bring to light the various definitions of what love is. Through the use of power point slides, group discussion, and scenarios, students will gain insight into what makes a romantic relationship healthy versus unhealthy. In addition this workshop will allow students to gain tips on how to communicate, listen, and how to resolve conflict constructively and respectfully.

Building Self- Esteem

Healthy self-esteem is based on our ability to assess ourselves accurately and still be accepting of who we are. This means being able to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses (we all have them!) and at the same time recognize that we are worthy and worthwhile. Low self-esteem can have devastating consequences. It can:

  • create anxiety, stress, loneliness, and increased likelihood of depression
  • cause problems with friendships and romantic relationships
  • seriously impair academic and job performance
  • lead to increased vulnerability to drug and alcohol abuse

This 2 session workshop helps students explore various aspects related to self-esteem and ways to boost self-worth, through critical examination of beliefs,

Managing Difficult Emotions / Managing Anger

Managing anger and other difficult emotions like anxiety, guilt, jealousy is a lifelong challenge. The teen years are often an emotional rollercoaster ride. The topics in this session will include:

1.Understanding that anger and other difficult emotions are normal
2.recognizing the difference between angry feelings and angry behavior
3.Identifying anger triggers
4.Identifying their characteristic ways of expressing anger
5.Considering the consequences of angry behavior
6.Developing constructive and effective ways of expressing and handling their anger

Managing Exam Stress

This workshop will help students understand some of the following: what is stress, personal triggers for stress, personal awareness of unhelpful attitudes/beliefs leading to exam stress, some healthy ways of coping with stress.

PARENT WORKSHOPS (1 ½ hours duration each)

Understanding Teen Challenges in College

As teens move from high school to college, parents continue to play an important, although different role in their lives. This workshop will explore ways in which parents can prepare their children to face new tasks, adapt to a new environment in college, establish newer ways of communicating, and make healthy decisions regarding friends, studies, and other challenging situations.

Parent - Student Interactive Workshop

This session attempts to bridge the ‘communication gap’ between parents and their growing teen. The session will provide both a platform to voice their respective perspectives and feelings on issues like teen relationships, time management and academic focus. The session aims at getting parents and teens thinking about better ways of communicating with each other on stormy and prickly issues.

Family and Its Influence On Teens

Parents shape the lives of children from birth through adulthood. Parents play a significant role during adolescence, when teens are faced with challenging situations in college. This workshop will include topics like: importance of close parent/ adolescent relationships, effective parenting skills, positive parent role modeling and shared family activities.

TEACHER WORKSHOPS ( 3hours Duration Each)

Understanding Adolescent Sexuality

One of the passages of adolescence is the development and understanding of sexuality. Adolescence is a time when young people develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to become sexually healthy. It is important for adolescents to become comfortable with their own changing bodies, learn to make good decisions about what, if any, sexual activities they wish to engage in, and how to be safe in the process. The workshop seeks to help teachers understand some of the challenges that teens face in terms of their growing sexuality, and to respond to teen behaviours sensitively.

Understanding Student Emotions In The Classroom

College years can be an exciting time, as students seek opportunities for personal and academic growth. Some students cope with the transition to college successfully, while others may struggle or feel overwhelmed by the academic, social, personal or situational challenges. This session will help teachers identify students in distress and provide a first-level supportive, empathic response; explore the powerful influence of emotional self –awareness, on both teacher and student classroom behavior.

Basic Skill In Counselling For Teachers

This is a multi-session (12-15 sessions) module on counseling skills for teachers. Teachers are often the first to be approached by students with problems. Most teachers, however, may not have the requisite training/ skills and hence feel unprepared to deal with these issues. A number of student issues may thus go unaddressed or unidentified in the process. This module seeks to introduce teachers to basic skills in counseling in order to respond effectively to students’ emotional, psychological and developmental issues. Or, help identify students in additional need of personal or academic counseling.