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SIP – Sensory Integration Program

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SIP – Sensory Integration Program

3-day Workshop for Primary Teachers on Sensory Integration & Developing Learning Skills

Children are admitted into school as per their chronological age and are trained following standard criteria. Unique as we all are, children learn at their own individual pace. Often times they are not developmentally ready to grasp what is imparted to them. This training in Sensory Integration and Developing Skills for Learning focuses on understanding the link between normal development and curriculum design in the Primary Section.

At the end of the training teachers will learn hands on skills to stimulate children in coordination, attention, understanding and improving cognition in the formative years of children.

DAY1: Teachers will be oriented to the relationship between Motor Development and Learning. Exercises and activities in Sensory Integration will be demonstrated to stimulate children to develop skills and preparedness for understanding formal learning which is essential to develop age appropriate affect and behavior and develop play and motor skills. These are the pre-skills necessary for concentrating, listening, following instructions and learning.

DAY 2 & 3: An orientation to how a child’s Perception is developed will also be explained. Teachers will learn to develop Visual and Auditory Processing in children. These skills enable handwriting, expressive language ability, reading and comprehension as well as cognition. Teachers will be trained in different areas of perception and will make worksheets for each perceptual area to add to their bank of teaching aids. This will help in making teaching and learning more effective in the early years of the child. This workshop will also help to screen children facing difficulties in school so as to make proper referrals.
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