Courses and Training Programme

To enhance the emotional quotient in society, Prafulta Psycholocial Sevices regularly conducts and facilitates several programmes..

Programmes for You, Me, Everyone

  • Dealing with Mid Life Crises
  • : This program offers group therapy for women to deal with the particularly challenging phase of mid-life. It aims to prepare women to deal with unexpected events and changes, provides opportunities for greater self awareness and create new personal goals and choices.

  • Orientation workshop in Art Therapy:
  • This workshop shows how to use Art as a medium of understanding emotional issues and express emotions through drawing and colour.

  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy:
  • The workshop is based on the concepts of formulated by Dr Albert Ellis, American psychologist. During the two day weekend training programme, participants will learn the basic theory and practice of REBT. The workshop is open to people from all walks of life, for those interested in self development, as well as professionals from different fields such as HR, Psychology, Law, Medicine, Social Work, Special Education and the like. Participants will learn to apply REBT principles to problems of day to day life, reduce emotional disturbance and improve interpersonal relations.

  • Developing Effective Interpersonal Relationships:
  • A one day workshop for anyone above 18years. This workshop enables participants to form harmonious relationships. Developing skills for effective interpersonal relationships can bring a host of benefits and enhances the quality of life.

  • Enhance your Emotional Quotient
  • This life changing workshop is a one day workshop for anyone above 18 years. It is an experiential workshop that enables participants to enhance their emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the heart level engine that drives human capital to scale new heights in productivity and human relationships paving the way to success and happiness.

  • Managing Stress
  • A unique one day workshop that assists participants to deal with stress from moment to moment through the use of dance, movement and emotional intelligence. Thus one does not need to wait for the weekend or vacation to distress. It also keeps one free from stress related illnesses.

  • Managing Conflict:
  • This one day workshop empowers participants to effectively deal with interpersonal conflict in healthy ways through the use of emotional intelligence. Thus enhancing team work, productivity and harmony.