Courses and Training Programme

To enhance the emotional quotient in society, Prafulta Psycholocial Sevices regularly conducts and facilitates several programmes


  • Basic Skills in Counselling for Teachers

This is a 100 hours (25 weeks) programme and is geared towards training teachers in basic skills in counselling so that they can take handle basic emotional and developmental issues with the students

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  • Career Marg –

This is a 3 days programme for teachers to conduct career development workshops for students of Std VIII and above to help them in areas of self awareness and explore the world of education/work. This will in turn help the students make realistic educational /career choices at the end of Std X and in the future.

  • Certificate Course in Career Guidance

This is a 40 hours of intensive training in Career Guidance which includes assessment and information on careers
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  • Choice and Reality Therapy –

Choice Theory offers an explanation of how and why people behave. Understanding the purpose of behavior enables participants to develop insights into helping people gain more effective control of their lives. Reality Therapy is a communication model committed to empowering people to make successful and effective choices based on evaluation, responsibility and planning. This workshop is based on a proven theory (William Glasser), that our behavior is our best attempt to control ourselves, so that we can control the world we live in. It is an approach that has been effective in Education, Parenting, Leadership and Managing or in any situation where people need to learn how to satisfy their needs in responsible ways.
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  • The Don Bosco Teacher Training Programme in Remedial Education (May)

aims to empower teachers, school counselors and parents with information and know-how to effectively help children with varying needs and disabilities in mainstream schools
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  • The Don Bosco Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology –

This is a nine months course that trains participants towards becoming professional counselors. It stresses on experiential learning with hands on practice and supervised work with clients. Self work is an integral part of the course. Modules on various therapies and special issues are incorporated in the process.

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  • The Don Bosco Post Gradute Diploma in Integrated Education & Counselling –

Developing Mental Health Professionals For Schools. This course aims to develop Resource Persons for mainstream schools with the combined knowledge and skills of Remedial Teaching as well as Psychological Counseling. This training module enables a practitioner to understand children’s difficulties in both educational and emotional areas. Strategies are imparted in Developing Perception and Sensory Integration, Advanced Remedial Skills in the 3 R’s, Assessment and Making an Individual Educational Plan(IEP) as also Animating Workshops, Basic Skills in Counseling and using Group Work towards developing a Model of intervention in Mental Health with a Whole School Approach. The Course has both Theoretical as well as Practical components, with follow-up and feedback from practicing faculty in the fields of Special Education as well as Psychology.

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  • ‘Jeevan’ –

Training program to conduct life skills sessions – This is a 3 days programme to train counselors and other helping professionals to be able to conduct life skills sessions on issues like anger management, peer pressure, interaction with the opposite sex etc.

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  • Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (ISP)

is a comprehensive approach to treating symptoms of stress, trauma, emotion, and relationship with greater efficiency based on inter-disciplinary knowledge of the different layers of the nervous system, the body in ordinary and extra-ordinary human experiences of different kinds and the mechanisms for self regulation and interactive regulation with the environment in the different layers of the nervous system and the body that have been endowed by evolution. The Training by Raja Selvam Ph.D. Dr. Selvam who is a senior Somatic Experiencing (SE) trainer and a faculty member at the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, USA. This training program is in two levels, each comprising of two modules. This training is based on international standards, with practice in dyads and triads, supervised by experienced Somatic Experiencing Practitioners.

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  • Workshop Series in Integrating Mind & Body

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  • Orientation to Remedial Education (ORE)

is a 12 hour program which orients school teachers in understanding and managing children with Special Needs with emphasis on Learning Disability in the mainstream classroom.

  • Orientation & Advanced workshop in Art Therapy –

This workshop shows how to use Art as a medium of understanding emotional issues and express emotions through drawing and colour. Participants who have done the Orientation can further do the advanced workshop also.

  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy –

The workshop is based on the concepts of ormulated by Dr Albert Ellis, American psychologist. During the two day weekend training programme, participants will learn the basic theory and practice of REBT. The workshop is open to people from all walks of life, for those interested in self development, as well as professionals from different fields such as HR, Psychology, Law, Medicine, Social Work, Special Education and the like. Participants will learn to apply REBT principles to problems of day to day life, reduce emotional disturbance and improve interpersonal relations. Group work and discussions, lecture, case demonstration and worksheets will be employed in this interactive workshop.

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  • Positive Psychology –

This two-day interactive workshop incorporates Positive Psychology approaches into conventional psychotherapy for better outcomes and more lasting gains. Positive Psychology is an emerging field within Psychology that studies what goes right in life and how to work towards it, consciously and willfully. It is an approach that scientifically researches human positivity classified into domains that have roots in both, mental health sciences as well as spirituality and philosophy. It is a new science with a very long history. Components of human wellbeing collected across cultures and time are methodically studied in this new specialty, ranging from mindfulness, virtues, faith and hope to contemporary neuroscience and all disciplines of psychotherapy


There is a growing need to create a pool of skilled professionals who can identify various learning issues in children and suggest appropriate remedial measures. Participants will be trained how to develop and use various assessment tools, as also, learn alternative models to suggest the best solutions to help children and parents cope with the myriad learning problems that children face in our world today. The course is of 20 sessions of 3 hours each. 70 % of the course is practical oriented.