Integrated Education Special Needs

He is Bright
He is intelligent!
He knows the answers!
He is slow in Reading, Writing or Math !
He is not interested in schoolwork / does not copy from the board.
He may have Learning Disabilities

Our Integrated Education Section comprises of Special Needs Section and Occupational Therapy.

In the Special Needs section, Prafulta offers Assessment and Remedial Intervention / Education for children with Learning Disabilities. Guidance is also given to parents of children with Special Needs to set realistic goals for the education and management of their child.


Psychoeducational assessment is undertaken for diagnoses of Learning Disabilities -Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia.

  • The areas of impaired functioning are assessed
  • An Individual Educational Plan is drawn for Remedial Intervention and parents are counselled on what they can do help their ward.
  • Recommendations to the schools are included are also made.

Remedial Education:

Remedial Education is given to children with Learning Difficulties. The remediation focuses on:

  • Developing on the child’s strengths
  • Filling in the gaps in learning
  • Enabling the child to achieve mastery through perceptual skill training, organizational skills and study skills.
  • Outreach:

    Enable mainstream schools to develop Resource Rooms to support children with Learning Disability in the school.


    Parents: Periodic on-going Parent Learning Programmes are conducted to help Parents understand their children with Special Needs and accompany them towards becoming independent.

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    Teachers and Counselors:

    Orientation to Remedial Education (ORE) is a 12 hour program which orients school teachers in understanding and managing children with Special Needs with emphasis on Learning Disability in the mainstream classroom.
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    The Don Bosco Teacher Training Programme in Remedial Education aims to empower teachers, school counselors and parents with information and know-how to effectively help children with varying needs and disabilities in mainstream schools.
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    Our professional staff are qualified and licensed by the Rehabilitation Council of India.