Corporate Training

Prafulta supports corporate organizations in their Human Resource Development functions in training and assessment.


Our psychologists employ specialized Psychometric tools to enable business organizations evaluate and develop prospective and regular personnel. The tools include:

a) DAT5 (Differential Aptitude Tests)
b) Career Interest Inventory
c) 16PF5 (Sixteen Personality Factor).
Other tools assess Managerial effectiveness, Management styles, Leadership styles, Inter-personal orientation, team effectiveness, conflict mode, Stress measurement etc.

Corporate Training

Prafulta’s team of qualified and experienced trainers focus on personal effectiveness and fulfillment to enrich organizational development and outcome. Workshops are tailor made to suit client needs, and for different segments of personnel. The training programmes include:

1.Communication and Interpersonal Skills
2.Assertiveness training
3.Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
4.Attitudinal Development
5.Managing Conflict
6.Stress Management
7.Basic Skills in Counselling
8.Dealing with Addictions (tobacco, alcohol)
9.Leadership Development
10.Team Building
11.Unleashing your Creative Potential
12.Anger Management

Prafulta also provides assessment based training programmes using standardized personality tools like MBTI, FIRO-B and MIPS which provide participants with valuable insights about themselves.