Career Guidance

A big chunk of our day goes in the vocation we choose. What is the quality of those hours we spend? Are we wanting to be there doing what we are doing? Are we able to do it well? Is it meeting the needs of our life? Does it make us happy or leave us stressed at the end of the day?

Career Guidance helps students and adults make appropriate choices for our career/vocation/profession.

Today this service is also very significant as the mushrooming of several new careers has made it difficult for youngsters to make an informed choice and for parents to guide their children. Career Guidance department at Prafulta offers a variety of services to enable youngsters make suitable educational and career choices and find their place in life.

Career Guidance Services at Prafulta:

Emotional Deveopment & Career Guidance Process

Career Guidance Assessment

Career Guidance Assessment /testing offers detailed assessment of


which helps individuals discover suitable and realistic educational & career choices.
Duration: 7 hours spread over 2 days

Testing can be conducted at school /college if there is a group of at least 75 students. (If there are lesser no of students, cost will need to be re- worked)
Testing is also carried out for individuals and small groups at the centre.

We conduct Career Guidance testing for students of Class X, which helps them explore suitable educational & career options to enable realistic choices rather than stumble into an academic stream or career.

Many school curriculums require subjects to be chosen in Class IX. Conducting testing in Class VIII helps students become aware of their strengths, interest and personality to enable them make informed choices in Class IX.

We also conduct Career Guidance to assist students in Junior College to fine tune their future options and provide them with alternative career choices. Having

alternatives helps in avoiding disappointment when they cannot get the only option they have in mind.


Workshops for Students

Basics of career mapping
Duration: 1½ hours
Helps students understand the importance of making a choice rather than stumbling into any career. Students are made aware of the factors they need to consider in making of a suitable choice about their vocation.

‘ZENITH’ – Motivation & Careers Ahead (Class VIII & above)
Maximum no of participants: 120
Helps students with:

Goal Setting and coping with road blocks in achieving them. – 1 ½ hour
Making educational and career choices and informing them about the streams of education and career options available. – 1 ½ hour

This is an interactive workshop with power point presentations, movie clips and several activities. The programme can be tailored to the needs of the school.

STRIDES – Life Skills workshops (Class VIII & above)
Duration of each module: 1 ½ hours Maximum no. of students: 60

Time Management
Stress Manangement
Study Skills
Peer Pressure
Handling Difficult Emotions (e.g. Anger, Jealousy)

An interactive programme for students to take the right “STRIDES” to reach their “ZENITH”.

Workshop for parents

Contribution to my child’s career – the positive way
Duration: 1½ hours
This workshop helps parents to become aware of the direct and indirect ways in which they play an influential role in the career choices of their children. It supports parents to make a positive influence so that their child makes a choice truly suitable for him/her rather than make decisions on parental demands or other myths.

Workshop for teachers ‘Career Marg’
Duration : 3 days (6 hours each day) Minimum no. required: 15
This programme trains teachers to conduct career development workshops for students of Std VIII and above to help them in areas of self awareness and explore the world of education/work. This will in turn help the students make realistic educational /career choices at the end of Std X and in the future.


Career Guidance Counselling :

Consultations with Career Guidance Counsellors for students & adults to clarify issues and help in making educational & career choices, also offers help in changing fields.

Information(A- Z of Careers)

  • Handouts on 70 careers options
  • Charts available on Career Options, Educational and Vocational Courses – Streams after Class X (Arts, Commerce, Science) & associated options, Vocational Courses after Class VIII, X, XII, NIOS

Out Reach Services:
A Career Guidance counsellor can visit weekly/once a fortnight to a college to help students with their queries

Here is some Information Careers

A- Z of Careers